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Keeping perishables at the right temperature is essential for ensuring food safety and food quality. When this is neglected, perishables could suffer from problems like discoloration, textural degradation, microbial growth and bruising.

Transportation of perishable goods involves refrigeration units. Refrigerators are typically used to keep perishables at low temperatures that slow the rate of chemical changes and microorganism growth. Those who can strike the perfect balance between transporting these goods safely and keeping costs under control stand to benefit greatly. As economic specialization and living standards continue to grow, so will the demand for perishable good logistics.

We know how important it is for your perishable goods to get to their intended destination.

Organic Tomatoes


Operational 24 hours a day, our perishables service includes door-to-door transportation from Point A to B or from multiple collection and delivery locations, designed for each client’s unique requirements.


We provide:

  • Comprehensive cold chain solution

  • Full Singapore ports coverage

  • Customs clearance 

  • Import & export paperwork

  • Dedicated account manager


Adhering to the strictest regulations, we transport full spectrum of temperature-sensitive perishable goods including fresh and frozen meat, fish, fruits, vegetables & organic produce, flowers, cheese, sausages, dairy, chocolates and cakes across the supply chain.


When it comes to cold chain solutions, Shinyuu offers a cutting-edge and comprehensive industry-defining service. We manage and deliver end-to-end perishable transportation services for some of Singapore’s leading Retail, Supermarket & Consumer organisations.

As a Shinyuu customer, your shipments are continuously monitored, providing you with real-time updates on the status of your cargo. Our logistics experts manage the entire logistics process and expedite the clearance of your perishable and refrigerated produce to ensure a swift onward journey. In addition, you have a dedicated account manager who is on hand throughout the process to ensure your absolute peace of mind at all times.

With two decades of unrivalled experience in perishables transportation, we ensure your perishable and temperature-controlled goods always arrive swiftly, safely and securely.

For more information about Shinyuu’s perishable goods services, please contact us today.

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